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My name's Omen (any pronouns)1, and this is my website! I've been working on it on and off since August 2023. I'm very new to coding, so please let me know if anything's acting up.

I'm a young adult with the vocabulary of an old man, and I like to talk about music and folklore. I'm not great with social situations, but I love meeting people - please feel free to reach out!

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take your meds they used to beat the shit out of me on clump penguin finfin come and see him
i love my online friends this site is dishwasher safe :) homophobia
bi pride bad website design genderqueer pride
delete tiktok i love comments fuck this, i am sitting on the floor
adopt a shelter cat my blinkie broke you know, like nya?

1 he/she/they/it, plus any neopronouns2

2 yeah i'm including footnotes


○ 6/1/2024 Fixed several errors/bugs. Thought about adding a new page, then had my spirit crushed by working customer service.

○ 5/24/2024 Changed the name I'm using here (I'm indecisive). I also updated the links section and added a secret :)

○ 4/14/2024 Added a lyrics section!

○ 4/13/2024 Added blinkies, stamps, and a quiz! Which Irish folk song woman are you?

○ 4/5/2024 Started work on my links page

○ 3/24/2024 This site should FINALLY display properly on all browsers :)

○ 3/16/2024 Working to make this site compatible with different browsers - it's slow going right now, unfortunately.

○ 3/7/2024 Finished my redesign! You can find an archival version of my old layout here.

○ 3/4/2024 Working on a redesign for this site! Please ignore anything weird going on

○ 2/29/2024 Started a stamp collection! Also added a button for the site for my worldbuilding project

○ 2/18/2024 I made a button!

○ 2/16/2024 Joined Ghostring! This site's not especially spooky, but it's definitely haunted...the code is the stuff of nightmares.

○ 2/11/2024 Started working on General Music. Traditional music, modern folk, and more of my nonsense :)

○ 2/10/2024 Added a guestbook!

○ 2/9/2024 Update section added :)

○ 2/8/2024 Added a chatbox and a bit of content to the Fun section. Come say hi to Literacy!

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